How much is INCIRIOS®?

INCIRIOS® is free to download and use subject to the End User License. Developers will be charged a small fee for purchases made by end users which will be a percentage of the product cost. More information about the developer programme will be released soon.

Can I edit instruments I download?

Yes! Instruments are freely editable by end users, and is one of the core values at the heart of INCIRIOS®.
However, do note that editing an instrument could change the way it behaves, which may not be how the developer that created the instrument intended. We always recommend following the guidance provided by developers for the best experience.

Is INCIRIOS® usable by third party developers?

Yes! A full third party developer experience will be available soon. Please get in touch for more details.

Do you have an email list?

We do - when you sign up for an account you will be brought to your communication preferences of your account, here you can sign up for our various mailing lists.

What operating systems does INCIRIOS® support?

We support Windows 10 or higher, and on Mac OS version 13.5+ for the standalone, while the VST3 and AU plugins will work on MacOS 11+.

How can I relocate my instruments?

To relocate an instrument simply move the folder, and then when you load INCIRIOS® you'll be able to pick a new location using the "locate" button in the GUI - you can select any parent folder and INCIRIOS® will correct the file locations.

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