You can download the INCIRIOS® installer from the homepage. Once you have downloaded the installer, run the file and click allow if you are presented with a warning.
The installer depends on your operating system so is different on Windows and MacOS. Choose the location of where you want to install the app and let the app install.
By default, the installer will include VST3 and the Standalone app, along with AU for MacOS - however you can disable any of these during the installation process.
For VST3 and AU, the default install locations should not be changed, as many DAWs will be expecting plugins to be found there.

Login & Downloading Instruments

Upon launching INCIRIOS® for the first time, you'll be prompted to enter the credentials you used to register on our website. After logging in, any products you've previously purchased will be automatically displayed. If you make a purchase while the app is still open, you can click on the user icon and then click refresh to make it appear.
Your instruments are grouped by developer, and then by category - you can reorder the groups or order of instruments by dragging and dropping.
To start using an instrument, it must first be downloaded. Navigate to your library, find the desired instrument, and select 'Download'. You'll then choose a destination on your computer for the download. This not only downloads but also unpacks the files for you.
After an instrument is successfully installed, you can load it simply by clicking the instrument in the list and click 'Launch' to open it in the main INCIRIOS® user interface. You can also double click the instrument for quicker loading.

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