Creating an Instrument

Creating an instrument in INCIRIOS® requires an online connection, but you do not need to be permanently online to use INCIRIOS® - we do recommend logging back in once every 60 days though.
Instruments are built under the paradigm of Samplers being housed within articulations. Each sampler can get information about it's parent articulation, and each articulation can get information from the instrument.
To create an articulation, open the backend by clicking on the spanner icon in the instrument, then right click on the Instrument name.
There are various templates to help get you started, which include ready-made examples of how to use the node editor for review.
To create or add a sampler, you can right click on the articulation you created and you'll have similar examples of templates, or a fresh sampler if you want to create one yourself.
To import samples, click on the sampler on the left you want to import samples to, and drag them on to the sample map section.
IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of INCIRIOS® handling mixer functionalities for you, all samples must have, at a minimum, a mic name token. This means if you only have one mic position, you'll need to include the mic name in all of the files.
(For example: MySample1_mic1.wav, MySample2_mic1.wav.... - this will create a single mic of "mic1").
Here we have the ability to auto-detect notes, this will use INCIRIOS® pitch detection and logic to determine the likely route note, by scanning the audio content of the file and determining the intended note. For most content involved in samplers, this should work - however if you have content such as fast trills recorded by a section, which can result in incorrect sample pitches being detected.
And that's it, if you close the backend, you'll find you have an instrument ready to be played!

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