Controlling Instruments


The Articulation Module is where you'll find a curated list of articulations specific to your selected instrument, originally organized in the sequence set by the developer. This arrangement, however, is not fixed; you have the flexibility to reorder the articulations to suit your workflow. Simply drag and drop an articulation to rearrange. If you wish to revert to the developer's original order, click on the 'burger' menu and select the 'Reset Order' function for an instant default arrangement.
Customization extends further into each articulation's settings. By clicking on the settings icon adjacent to an articulation, you can modify the assignable keyswitch, adjust the articulation's volume, and set specific parameters such as the Program Number, Controller Number, and Velocity Trigger. For streamlined management, articulations can also be swiftly enabled or disabled using the on/off switch.


The Active Articulations Module in INCIRIOS® allows you to manage and control the articulations that you select from the adjacent module. To control these articulations, hold down the Control key (or Command key on MacOS) and select the ones you wish to manage. An alternative method is to use keyswitches, which can control multiple articulations simultaneously.
Polyphonic Articulations Management in INCIRIOS® offers various ways to manage how articulations interact:
    - Layered: This setting layers multiple articulations together.
    - CC Switch: Articulations change based on the position of the Continuous Controller (CC) switch.
    - Velocity: Articulations change according to note velocity.
    - Crossfade: Allows smooth transitions between articulation types via slider control in realtime.


In the Controls Module of INCIRIOS®, the range of available controls will vary depending on the specific instrument and the options enabled by the instrument's developer. This module is designed to offer a tailored control experience for each instrument, reflecting the unique characteristics and requirements set by the developer.
Key features of the Controls Module include:
    - Sliders: These are used to adjust the intensity or amount of each effect applied to the instrument. Moving a slider changes the degree to which the corresponding effect is utilized in real-time.
    - Buttons: These are provided to quickly bypass or engage specific controls. This functionality is essential for efficiently toggling effects on and off during use.
    - Customization: Beyond the pre-determined set of controls, users have the flexibility to add an unlimited number of additional controls to this module. This feature allows for a high degree of customization, catering to the specific needs and preferences of the user.
All items in this section can be midi-learned, simply right click and move a controller to assign it. For more information on adding custom controls, please refer to the Developer section of this manual.


The Mixer Module in INCIRIOS® is used for sample based instruments - and allows you to control each mic position individually, or merging them in to one.
Key functionalities within the Mixer Module include:
    - Solo and Mute
    - Panning
    - Stereo Width
    - Gain
    - Purge - clicking on the mic name will disable the mic (and purge if not in zero RAM mode)
    - Routing - while in plugin mode, you can set the output of each mic individually.
    - Hide/Show mics
    - Mic Merge - take your current mic setup and merge in to a single stereo mic position, this is useful on lower powered systems

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